Alex Gurley, BuzzFeed

I think everyone in the world must know Kourtney Karadashian and Travis Barker are engaged, right? Right.

But it case you missed their very PDA-filled love story, Travis Barker popped the question in an epic proposal last October.

And while we got plenty of photos of the big moment, we’re now getting details of what was going on behind the scenes — and it’s really heartwarming.

In the newest episode of The Kardashians, fans learned that Travis was secretly planning the whole thing with Kourtney’s family for quite some time.

And not only was he making sure the moment was perfect, but he also asked two very important people for permission to propose before it all went down.

During the episode, Kris Jenner revealed that Travis asked both her and Kourtney’s late father, Robert Kardashian Sr. — and he literally went to his grave to do it.

“He asked for her hand in marriage, and I was like, literally, I want to cry now. It was so sweet and so tender,” Kris recalled.

Speaking to Kim, she added that Travis “went to your dad’s grave” and asked for permission, too — and that’s when she nearly “lost it.”

When Kim almost started crying, too, Kris added, “It’s all happy, I just wish your dad was here to see it.”

It’s clear that Travis must have gotten a sign from the late Kardashian because he went through with the proposal not long after.

Congratulations again, Kourtney and Travis!

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