…seeks to provide increased access to higher education for impoverished students to assist them in escaping the throes of generational poverty and impact their local communities and globally.

Over the past ten years, AFUWI has provided 500 tuition scholarships to students pursuing their college degrees at The University of the West Indies (UWI), donated $8.3 in goods, and brokered multiple relationships with other tier-one institutions. 

As their global community works earnestly to recover from the devastating impact of the global pandemic for impoverished individuals and families across the Caribbean, Covid-19 has exposed our fragility and morphed into one of our most persistent challenges, particularly the communities we serve. Although this journey has not always been easy or predictable for AFUWI, they have made impactful contributions to the social and economic advancement of the people of the Caribbean region.



Celebrating 25 Years

The annual Gala serves a variety of purposes:

  • To fund the scholarship program for needy students at The UWI
  • To publicly acknowledge and celebrate the stellar professional achievements of individuals/corporations whose journey to success can serve as an inspiration to students, donors, other stakeholders, and the public.
  • To call attention and highlight the urgent need to facilitate increased access to higher education for the financially challenged in the region and the underserved communities in the USA
  • To showcase The UWI as a higher education institution of distinction with a globally respected reputation and its critical role in advancing the development agenda of Caribbean peoples

The Gala is usually attended by diverse stakeholders, including corporations, individuals, and other nonprofit organizations. Most of our attendees are of Caribbean descent. This event, which serves as their primary cultivation vehicle in the United States, provides a unique platform where honorees and donors, key influencers, scholarship recipients can meet.

Equally important, the Gala provides the foundation with a unique opportunity to mobilize awareness of the value and significance of increased access to higher education not only for citizens of the Caribbean diaspora but for individuals and families in the United States and across the globe.


Story Credit Courtesy of: Ms. Ann-Marie Grant | Executive Director

American Foundation for The University of the West Indies

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