As Reported by Roger Clark, Spectrum NY News

Ridgewood, Queens-based singer-songwriter Taylor Plas has been writing and singing songs since she was 13-years-old.

Last year, she wrote a poignant song after the death of her mother after a long battle with cancer, called “Change Colors.”

“I really love that song because I think it can apply to any situation where somebody is struggling,” Plas said. “I wrote it to kind of reach people who were going through a lot as I know people have been.”

She will perform that song and others on Sunday during her set at the Brooklyn Folk Festival at the historic St. Ann’s Church in Brooklyn Heights.

It’s the 14th year of the three-day festival, presented by the Jalopy Theatre and School of Music in Red Hook. There will be over 30 groups and performers playing music from around the world.

“It’s a very diverse genre we have songwriters, but also traditional music this year from Mexico, from China, from Peru. We have a lot of different great music at the Brooklyn Folk Festival this year,” said Eli Smith, the festival’s co-founder.

There will also be workshops, dances, films, jam sessions and the unique banjo toss competition, which has become so popular, they made a video game based on it.

“We see who can throw a banjo the farthest into the Gowanus Canal, yes, and whoever throws it the farthest wins a free banjo,” said Smith.

There’s a lot happening and a lot of folk music, including Plas who will be playing the festival for the first time.

“We are kind of keeping an old tradition alive, in a time when music is becoming more and more electronic based, it’s really neat to come back to the fundamentals of music and to get acoustic sound out there. It’s a joy, and it’s a beautiful scene to be a part of,” said Plas.

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