Brooklyn, New York | February 23, 2022

YGB Entrepreneurial Awards program is a simple measure of giving recognition, highlighting and showing appreciation towards his/her peers. 


Galas such as the Met, Grammys’ and other Award shows were forced to either cancel, postponed or go virtual over the past two years. The YGB Awards organizers were determined to host their event in-person this year. As opposed to going fully virtual the event was held in hybrid fashion to give its supporters the option to attend virtually or in-person. In its’ 17th year, YGB Entrepreneurial Awards made its comeback after a tumulus past two years as a result of covid-19 and the ongoing threat of the pandemic. As Black History Month comes to a close, we would like to salute the YGB organization and send congratulations to all their 2022 Honorees/Recipients.

Brooklyn – the fast developing neighborhood of D.U.M.B.O was the home to the Awards Ceremony this year and some of your favorite celebrities were in attendance – notably The Hon. Dr. Rita Marley O.J, O.D. LITT; Consul General of Jamaica to New York, Mrs. Alsion Wilson; Reggae icon Buju Banton; our very own (founder of LexAnn Media) – Ms. JL Brooks; newcomer and Grammy Award winner Koffee; Grammy producers “Jerry Wonda”; and Arden “Arkeyz” Altino, and entrepreneurs from almost all professional background such as medicine, arts and entertainment, fashion, health, wealth, and law etc., were awarded Wednesday night. In Addition to the YGB Entrepreneurial Awards, selected Honorees also received Congressional and Mayoral Proclamations and Citations from Congresswoman, Ms. Yvette Clark’s Office and Mayor Eric Adams Office.

Photo credit: Ajamu Photography

Photo credit: Ajamu Photography


The YGB Awards program started out as a marketing idea to help attract business back to the Blue Mahoe Restaurant in NYC which was one of top Caribbean establishments in the late 1980’s & 1990’s.  The marketing campaign was directed towards attracting new customers to patronize the establishment. which business partners Carl Gray – President & CEO of The NetLinkz Group, Inc & Kenny ‘Suga Bear’ Groves of Word of Mouth Entertainment both thought that was a good method of getting an audience  by creating a  weekly event titled ‘One Luv Wednesdays’. 

Each week a special tribute or emphasis was placed on key individuals to honor during  Black History Month:

  • Week one (1) the focus was placed on Robert Nesta Marley being that his birthday fell on February 6th and his contribution to Reggae music worldwide.
  • Week two  (2) the focus was placed on Coretta Scott King for her position in history and to honor our strong women of color.
  • Week three (3) the focus was to highlight the Historical Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU) , Pan Hellenic Greek Fraternal Organizations, Black Ivy, CUNY & SUNY Uiversities and School of ‘Hard Knocks’ for those that did not receive a formal college education.
  • Week four (4) was an impromptu idea to just show appreciation to everyday individuals who keep making strides in their lives as entrepreneurs. 

‘There isn’t any real criteria set to give the award, other than persons who strive for success, accomplishments, and achievements”, said founder Mr. Gray.  Founder of YGB Awards, Mr. Carl Gray wanted people to see the path that they took from where they came to where they are now and where they are going. His belief is that, “there are many individuals in our lives that do not get the accreditations or notoriety because they are not mentioned in the media, but they are impactful at what they do in their industry and communities”.

Since 2006, Mr. Gray has continued to produce the YGB Awards Program and has given out honors to over 200+ entrepreneurial recipients.

To learn more about this organization visit them at or visit them on all social media platforms @ygbawards

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