Prince Philip warned Harry against the marriage to Meghan.
As an American and an actress marrying into British royalty, Meghan Markle has faced criticism from members of the royal family. According to a June 2019 article in The Times, Harry’s grandfather Prince Philip allegedly told him, “One steps out with actresses, one doesn’t marry them.” It wasn’t so long ago that nobility marrying commoners was looked down upon as quite shocking, and it seems Prince Philip has held on to this outdated notion.
Harry and William have been feuding due to Meghan
The biggest royal rift may be between Harry and his brother William, who is the heir presumptive after their father Prince Charles. The feud allegedly started when Harry became engaged to Meghan in 2017 and felt William wasn’t doing enough to welcome her into the family.
While William had known Kate Middleton for 10 years before they got married, Harry had only known Meghan for 16 months before their engagement. Meghan must have had a real hold on Harry, because he had dated other women in the past for longer without proposing.
Allegedly, William expressed concern to Harry about the whirlwind romance. “William told his brother they knew nothing about her background, her intentions, what she was really like,” a source told The Sun. “Harry went mental. He accused his brother of trying to finish the romance before it had begun.”
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