Brooklyn, New York, Fri., March 26, 2021.

The star of Power Book II: Ghost, popularly known as Tariq St. Patrick on the hit series on Starz network, said that Friday was like any other normal day for him as he drives and listen to one of his favorite Jamaica (Dancehall) Artist “Skillibeng’s” song

“Brik Pan Brik”, he could not have imagined what came next. He said he believes that he is alive today because they had their cameras rolling.

First we here at LexAnnMedia would like to say that we are happy that Mciahel and his road manager are safe.

It was not clear if the cops that pulled them over (a male and a female) was undercover, off duty, or on duty as they were out of uniform and in an unmarked car.

Without issuing a summon or a ticket Michael was allowed to leave when the female officer approached the vehicle and allegedly said to the male “officer”, “I know him from TV give him back his license and let him go.” The second question many are asking if they did not recognize him as a celebrity how far south could this incident have gone?

Fans are upset understandably so because of the aggression and unprofessionalism of the Officer. The questions are mounting as to whether the “Officer” followed protocol during his traffic stop:

  1. Why was the officer not wearing his mask?
  2. Why was the officer’s hand on the trigger?
  3. It would have been nice if the officer was wearing his badge
  4. Why was the officer hanging inside the car?
  5. Why was the officer so unprofessional in his tone?
  6. Why did the officer snatched the ID from Michael’s hand?
  7. Why did he remove his hand from the trigger and pulled his shirt over his gun when he realized that he was being recorded?
  8. Should disciplinary actions be taken against this officer
Watch the video and judge for yourself.

As the lead actor in the popular hit series Power Book II: Ghost, Michael is presently shooting the 2nd season of the show.

We are asking for a friend, is it still a crime in 2021 to be driving while black or driving a nice whip?

Our source tell us that the incident occurred Friday (afternoon) on March 26, 2021 in downtown Brooklyn near the Manhattan Bridge in the vicinity of the 88th Precinct and that the officer may worked for the vice squad.

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