Robyn White, Newsweek

A grizzly bear returned to kill a female camper, just an hour after she had scared it off.

Leah Davis Lokan, 65, had been camping with friends in Ovando, Montana, when a grizzly bear appeared by her tent at 3 a.m while she slept, a report from the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee said.

Lokan was awoken by the bear “huff[ing] by her head,” the report said. Her friends, Joe and Kim Cole, woke up with Lokan frantically saying: “Bear, bear!”

The Coles suggested that Lokan stay in a hotel that night, however she declined. She moved her food into a nearby building to try and prevent the bear from coming back and she also took bear spray back to bed with her.

However about an hour later, the grizzly bear returned.

Joe Cole woke once more to discover Lokan was being attacked by the same bear, the report said. He emerged from his tent and used bear spray, making loud noises in attempts to scare it away. Kim Coles then followed him, blowing a whistle.

The bear could be seen “pouncing up and down” on Lokan and her tent, the report said.

It then turned towards the friends’ as they approached closer and left the scene.

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