Amber Heard says she’s no stranger to threats against her life, but she says the death threats are on the rise ever since she and Johnny Depp went to court.

Amber was back on the stand Thursday for day 23 of the trial with her ex-husband … sobbing on the stage as revealed she gets thousands of death threats every single day from folks who don’t like what she has to say about Johnny.

She alleged Johnny’s not doing anything to stop the internet trolls who are targeting Amber, insinuating he’s almost encouraging it … and says she just wants Depp to leave her alone.

It’s been an emotional testimony from Amber … she started crying when answering questions about how the drama with Johnny ruined her acting career and says in those rare moments when she is on a movie set, there are tons of triggers from the allegedly abusive relationship that can derail production.

As we previously reported, the head of DC movies testified earlier this week that Amber’s lack of screentime in ‘Aquaman 2’ had nothing to do with her relationship with Depp.

Amber also says all the negative attention makes it harder for her to do charity work.

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