About Us

Located in Time Square, New York, with relevance internationally, LexAnn Media, llc and All Time Celebs, llc are full-service public relations and creative talent agency that works with clients in music, theater, and hospitality industries.

We are known for our elite and diverse lifestyle client roster and personalized approach to business. LexAnn Media, llc offers customized multimedia strategies for a range of lifestyle brands and personalities of purpose in the fields of arts and entertainment, travel and destination PR. The company’s public relations services include media relations and crisis management, as well as reputation management and social media engagement.

We strive to help clients build their brands into recognizable household names by actively seeking publicity and media coverage, efficiently managing reputations, and consistently engaging with consumers and social media followers in a positive way.

Our mission is to  focus on creating positive image and brand for all our clients. Coordinate and organize press events, schedule publishing calendars, and pitching to media contacts is our goal for you. We want fans to view you and your brand in the celebrity light in which you shine!

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