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  • Almost 80,000 tourists are left stranded in a beach resort city on an island south of China. 
  • Chinese authorities imposed a lockdown Saturday morning, declaring the resort a COVID-19 hot spot. 
  • China is sticking to its “Zero Covid” strategy, which includes sudden lockdowns and mass testing. 
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Shanghai is finally lifting its lockdown after 7 weeks. The global economy has yet to feel its full impact, experts warn.
City officials in Shanghai are planning to gradually ease lockdown restrictions after seven weeks.
The lockdown forced shops and factories to close and disrupted ports.
The ripple effects of the lockdown have yet to be fully felt by the global economy, experts warn.

Shanghai has begun to emerge from a lockdown that has constrained the global economy and created even more turmoil for supply chains.
The city’s deputy mayor, Zong Ming, said in an online news conference on Monday that the city would emerge from restrictions in phases, aiming to return to normal life by June 1, Reuters reported.
In line with China’s zero-COVID strategy, Shanghai entered a strict lockdown on March 28 to combat a rising number of Omicron cases.
The tough restrictions hit businesses in the manufacturing and commercial hub of Shanghai, not to mention the broader global economy, as factories were shuttered, and workers were confined to their homes. Truckers struggled to move goods in and out of the city’s huge port due to restrictions on movement.
But even when the restrictions lift, experts have warned that the impact of the lockdown will continue to cause ripple effects around the world.

Roughly 80,000 tourists are reportedly stranded at a beach resort city located on an island south of China after authorities there imposed a lockdown, declaring it a COVID-19 hot spot.

Chinese authorities enforced restrictions Saturday morning, canceling flights and banning all ticket sales in Sanya, a resort city located on Hainan Island — about 320 miles southwest of Hong Kong — to stem the spread of COVID-19, according to The Associated Press.

According to The AP, there were 229 confirmed cases on Friday and an additional 129 on Saturday. 

The outlet also reported that hotels are offering guests a 50% discount during the lockdown period. 

China is sticking to its ‘zero Covid’ strategy, which involves sudden lockdowns and mass testing, which recently received criticism for being ineffective. 

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, head of The World Health Organization, said China’s “Zero Covid” strategy was “not sustainable. “

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